Easy toddler snacks

Here are some easy toddler snack recipes my little one loves – I hope your little ones love them too!

Pizza scrolls

These freezer-friendly pizza friendly pizza scrolls and light and fluffy using an easy 30 minute dough (including rest time). Is it absoutely worth making your own dough for the pillowy, comforting results, but frozen pastry will work too.

The rolls have a soft texture with yummy melted cheese and a tangy tomato sauce. I used ham in this recipe, but feel free to add shaved chicken, turkey, pepperoni, or whatever your little one loves.

Find the recipe here.

Mashed potato cakes

This is such an easy baby led weaning or toddler snack that makes use of your leftover mashed potato. Fry until beautifully golden brown and serve alongside creamy creme fraiche or sour cream, or just a little butter. Perfect for babies and toddlers 6 months +.

Find the recipe here.

Strawberry cake

This stunning strawberry yoghurt cake has no refined sugar and is perfect for your toddlers afternoon tea (or for visiting friends with little ones, over a hot drink).

It’s moist, sweet and packed with fresh strawberries – I like to serve mine with whipped cream and a few extra strawberries on top – try it for your next afternoon tea, you won’t regret it.

I’ve used strawberries in this recipe, but you can replace them with two cups of fresh or frozen bluerries, or one punnet of each. I sometimes buy and extra punnet of strawberries (so three in total) and thickened cream (to whip) for presentation, if I have guests coming over.

Find the recipe here.

Healthy chicken nuggets

This is a healthier take on your standard chicken nuggets, with carrot and zucchini blended right into the mixture. You honestly can’t taste them! It’s a great way to sneak veggies into fussy toddlers, though I always recommend to keep serving veggies alongside your dishes (in hopes they will one day pick them up).

This recipe freezes really well, so you can cook up a big batch and eat them over time. Just reheat in your airfryer or oven (for best results) or simply in your microwave. Done!

Find the recipe here.

Choc chia oat cookies

These delicious, freezer-friendly cookies are packed with the good stuff like oats, seeds and sultanas (with a drizzle of dark chocolate, for good measure). They’re the perfect ‘treat’ for your child’s lunchbox with a few added health benefits.

This recipe makes about 20 cookies that store well in the freezer for 3 months. I actually quite like eating them straight from the freezer, but they will defrost in your little one’s lunchbox if you pop them in first thing in the morning, or last thing at night.

Find the recipe here.

Healthier banana bread

This healthier banana bread is refined sugar free, sweetened with 3 very ripe bananas and a little maple syrup.

It’s naturally sweet, moist and fluffy, is easy to make, and keeps well in the freezer. Simply pop a slice in your little one’s lunchbox in the morning and it will be defrosted by lunchtime.

I’ve spend a long time perfecting this recipe and it is a huge hit at home (and when guests come over!).

You can also make this recipe dairy-free by substituting cow’s milk for your milk of choice (oat, almond, soy, etc.). Gluten-free plain/all-purpose flour also works in this recipe, so you can make it gluten-free too.

Feel free to add nuts (walnuts or pecans go well) or chocolate chips for a yummy treat.

Find the recipe here.

Sweet potato carrot tots

These tots are a great way to get veggies into your baby or toddler with yummy seasonings and a delicious cheesy flavour. The sweet potato and carrot create a natural sweetness, and the mashed veggies are nice and soft for little mouths.

These tasty snacks are also shaped into little tots/fingers so they are perfect for tiny hands to grasp and nibble on.

They’re a great baby-led weaning starter food, and a great way to keep veggies interesting and yummy for toddler.

With just a few simple ingredients, they’re quick to whip up and can even be frozen for a later date. This batch makes 25-30 tots depending on size, so I like to freeze half, and keep the remaining tots in the fridge for througout the week.

I’ve made this recipe many times on Ben’s weaning journey!

Find the recipe here.

Banana brownie

This super fudgy banana brownie is perfect for little mouths. It’s squishy, easy to eat, and most importantly, it’s delicious!

Sweetened with very ripe banana, they have a yummy chocolate taste with a subtle peanut flavour.

Make sure you cool for a full 30 minutes in the fridge after baking, to allow it to set. I leave mine on the counter for 5 minutes, then pop a folded teatowel down in the fridge and place it on top (for 30 minutes).

Find the recipe here.

Baked berry pancakes

This is such an easy recipe that’s great for time poor parents – just make your pancake mixture, top with berries and pop it in the oven! No standing over the stove, and you can even prep it ahead of time and keep in the fridge for the week.

I top mine with berries, but you can even use any fruit – banana also works well, and so do chocolate chips for a fun breakfast or snack treat.

Find the recipe here.

Easy toddler snacks



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